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I'm currently unable to perform video visits, but I can still help you quickly via the PUSH Health platform if you are currently ill or have been exposed.

I don't typically use PUSH Health for acute illness (video visits are preferred), but in the interest of getting therapeutics going as quickly as possible please:

1.  Join my PUSH Health virtual clinic by going to the link below:

2.  Fill out your PUSH Health profile completely (legal name, dob, medications, allergies, weight, address, phone).

3.  Copy questions below and Answer them in a message back to me in PUSH Health

4.  Find a pharmacy that is willing to fill Ivermectin by using the tool found at the link below.  Most "regular" pharmacies will NOT fill Ivermectin.  

If you are considering a pharmacy that is not listed, then you need to call and confirm if they will fill Ivermectin.  Most insurances no longer cover Ivermectin.

If in Idaho, I can help you find a pharmacy that will help us out.

5.  Make Rx request.

Once I submit the Rx(s), you will need to "accept" them in your dashboard in order for them to be sent to the pharmacy.

The $64.99 pays for the consultation/information/protocols provided and for me to generate the Rxs. However, it doesn’t pay for the medication at your pharmacy.

If you have others in your household needing assistance, please add them as a family member to your account, complete their profile and submit a request.  
The system only allows me to generate Rxs for patients that have a profile.


Pediatric patients without significant underlying health conditions or not typically treated with Rx meds for COVID.  They usually do fine with OTC supplementation/supportive measures.

1. There are different protocols that utilize different medications for the prevention/treatment of COVID.  
Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Budesonide (Requires a JET Nebulizer), etc.
Which medications have you researched/are you interested in?  
2. How many days since symptoms started (even if very mild initially) AND what symptoms do you have?
3. Do you have any heart or lung disease (asthma, COPD, etc.)?
4. Have you ever had an allergic reaction to Ivermectin (Stromectol)?
5. Are you taking Warfarin (Coumadin, Jantoven)?
6. Have you ever been diagnosed with a liver problem?
7. Are you pregnant and/or breastfeeding?
8. Have you been diagnosed with Onchocerciasis, Onchodermatitis, or a Loa Loa infection?
9. Are you aware that most of the medications used in the outpatient prevention/treatment protocols, despite numerous studies showing benefit, are deemed "off-label" and are without FDA approval for the prevention/treatment of COVID-19?
If so, do you relieve me from any liability potentially associated with taking these medications?
10. In which state do you reside?
11. What is your weight? (If not in your PUSH Health profile, please add it)

I appreciate your patience as I work through a large volume of patients. I hope to provide you with high-quality/efficient/effective medical care.

If you need a source for high-quality vitamins/supplements, you can find them by using the link below:


Best Regards,

Joseph W. Petrie, PAC

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